Screenprint / by Brittany Winans

CONCEPT I didn't end up sketching much because I recycled an old concept that I was working on last semester so I just dove right in with photoshop. I work best digitally just by jumping in and playing with photoshop, it is something I am very comfortable with. My concept is playing on the idea of who are we without a face, like I have said I am working a lot with identity this semester and I wanted to take away something that for a lot of people is a defining part of their identity.  Then it morphed into the idea of who are we if we just take off our skin, and it comes down to the idea that without our skin on our face we all look just about the same. We look like terrifying meat puppets, which makes you think about how judgmental humans actually are.

PROCESS First of all I would like to say that I had a hell of a time trying to register this god damn print, my saving grace came from Jesse Plass who came to my rescue and taught me the proper way to register with acetate. He is my personal hero at the moment because I messed up SOOOO many print, I haven't messed up this many prints in a long time and it was very frustrating.  I managed to salvage what I could and I came out with a few that I actually like. I am not really a huge fan of screen printing, I don't have a whole lot of practice and felt a little uncomfortable printing which is part of the issue I think of why I had so many issues. 

REDUCTION For the reduction portion of the print I just decided to use my old screen with my final black details and cover up the face to add a light wash of color to the clothing. I watered down my ink to get almost a watercolor effect so it wouldn't take away from the face.